Hi. My name’s Kevin.

I’m a former Outward Bound instructor, wilderness guide and survival expert.

And I’ve ridden dual-sport and adventure motorcycles across almost 75,000 kilometres of wilderness. (I’m Canadian, eh? That’s about 46,000 miles.) Every one of those miles has been an adventure, and every adventure has been a learning experience.

So, what’s Adventure Ride Guide?

It’s all my experience, all in one place, for you to use. I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about bike preparation, tool kits and camping gear, survival techniques, navigation…. You read what you need and go ride the Trans America Trail — or a weekend adventure starting right at the end of your driveway.

And we’re both happy.


You — because maybe you’re reminded of that sense of adventure you loved when you first started motorcycling.

Me — because I have all these skills and experiences that don’t seem to be much use in my day job as a writer, editor and teacher (you can see some of what I do at WordSmart Canada). Everybody wants to feel useful, right? And since I’ve been told my cooking is inedible, I’ve got to find some other way to contribute.

Of course, you don’t live in a cave: you and your riding buddies have opinions and experiences, too. Plus, Google.

So I’m not claiming I can show you the whole truth – though I do promise to show you nothing but the truth.

This is my invitation to you

Let me show you the proven techniques and systems I’ve developed and tested in almost 75,000 kilometres of off-road adventure. You’ll learn all the stuff the riding schools don’t teach you.

I’ll share a few stories, too, like the one about the time I rode into a forest fire equipped primarily with Zip Ties and bad luck….

And don’t forget to share this adventure with your riding buddies!

 Ride farther. Stay out longer.


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