THE TRIP PLAN (Kind of an index thing)

Ever feel like maybe you brought too much stuff?

I keep telling you I’m gonna help with that, give you the information you need to tackle multi-day off-road adventures.

But so far, so…well, not much, honestly. Lots of talk, that’s what. I mean, stories and fuzzy cell-phone photos are nice and all — so we’ll keep doing that — but you want to ride, right?

So let’s get to it: useful stuff. Here’s the trip plan for Adventure Ride Guide. Please note: I reserve the right to change the order and make a mess of everything.


Gearing Up

Tool kits – Small, light, multi-purpose

Camping equipment – You don’t need a shopping list of fancy gear

Luggage – More than just the “hard vs soft bags” debate

Clothing – Light, multi-purpose…and less than you think

Personal gear – Not personal like your underwear; other stuff


Getting Ready

Selecting a route – Critical variables

Bike prep – Save yourself big headaches and long walks

Pre-departure – Reminders


Going for It

Navigation – Maps, compass, GPS, phones

Emergencies – Respond effectively when things go sideways

Fuel – You need gas. Maybe you already have gas, I don’t know. Don’t want to.


Galloping Gourmet

Alcohol stoves – Make a camp stove. Seriously: it’s a thing.

Cooking – Packing light and fuel-efficient

Food – Recommendations from a dreadful cook

Water – How much you need and how to carry it


Google is Gone

Electronics – You can’t take it (all) with you

Library – Yes, you need to take a library — no card, though, so that’s good

Drat! For some reason I got myself trapped in this “G” thing here, so…



Community – Find riders, rides and information

Bathroom – Come to think of it, it’s not actually a room…

Riding techniques – A few thoughts

Fitness – I don’t have this, but I hear it helps

Wilderness ethics – Take only pictures, leave only tire tracks


Oh, and Poodles. Remember to pack your Poodles. Goodles?


Ride farther. Stay out longer.