It wasn’t my fault! Okay…maybe it was my fault.

This week, I’m taking responsibility.

Taking it on the chin, taking my lumps…taking it personally.

I’ve learned lots of lessons on my off-road adventures; most of them were my fault.

Maybe you’re a faster learner than me…

…to be continued…

2 Replies to “It wasn’t my fault! Okay…maybe it was my fault.”

  1. Ha! The one about size has me remembering that there isn’t an off road bike built for someone under 5’5″, or is there? On my trip with my 87 XT350, I fell over once a day. All it took was a couple inch dip in the pavement and over I’d go! Of course, mounting all of my gear above seat level didn’t help the situation!!

    1. Did you ever consider the alcohol might have had something to do with the falling over? Just sayin’…

      Come on out to Vancouver, and we’ll get you on a Yamaha XT225. You’ll see Yvonne riding one in lots of pics on this blog, so I know 5’5″ is no problem. The XT isn’t a rocket, but I’ve ridden it over terrain that guys on 2-stroke KTMs were struggling through. Great little bike.

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