Forget about the mighty Oak tree: what you want is a Birch.

I recently piloted my trusty Husqvarna along Lockhart Basin road in eastern Utah, just south of Moab.  It’s a long and pretty challenging trail that follows the base of the red mesa, at the right in the image below. As you are well aware, red indicates, “Oh, that’s difficult.” Or maybe something to do with higher elevation. Actually, does it look sort of pink, rather than red? Anyhooo…


In the first few kilometres, I met a group of guys riding through on big adventure bikes. I thought to myself, “Self, those are big adventure bikes. I wonder if that guy on the new KTM 1190 Adventure R can muscle his way through this difficult 60 kilometre trail.”

And did he?

I have no idea. I passed them about half way through the ride.

But I am not entirely without clue, because I do know this: Chris Birch could ride a big KTM through Lockhart Basin. He’s an off-road riding coach in New Zealand.

His slogan? “Say No to Slow.”

Watch this and gain wisdom, Grasshopper.


Did I mention that’s about a 220 kilogram bike?

Oh, and did I mention…holy crap?!


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