Finding Adventure in Washington’s Cascade Mountains

Between the Snow and the Sun: Just Plain Good Riding

ADVMoto Magazine featured my ride report from the tiny town of Plain, Washington in their November / December 2017 issue, in print and online.

It’s short, it’s plain, and you can download a copy:

ADVMoto mag: Between the Snow and the Sun (1813 downloads )

(pdf, 2.9 mb)




Want to see more ADVMoto Magazine? Read a full sample issue here.

4 Replies to “Finding Adventure in Washington’s Cascade Mountains”

  1. Love it. I can imagine the freedom and can’t wait to explore more of the world myself. Cheers Kevin!

    1. Thanks for coming along for the ride, Tim!

  2. Yeah baby! Sleeping in a tent is a little more painful than or was 30 years ago, but, as you’ve shown, it’s still fun to pay nothing and have a great experience sleeping under the stars!

    1. The aching back from sleeping on the unforgiving ground is hardly discernible through the haze of pain I’m experiencing from trying to send email updates to my subscribers.

      The post you were supposed to see this week is this one: Instead, you were pointed to an earlier post. And I can’t figure out how to change that or even notify subscribers. The pain of the digital world far exceeds that of the wild one.

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