My Husqvarna runs really hot

I’ve got a few simple bike preparation tips for you this week.

You vibrate

As you may have noticed, there are a wide variety of appliances that vibrate (…wait for it…) and one of them is an off-road motorcycle.

Your bike’s wiring is susceptible to wear because of this vibration. Bends in wires, or routing that runs wires over other components, can result in insulation wearing through in just a few hours of riding in rough terrain. The resulting shorts and electrical failures will leave you stranded and wondering why you didn’t try the simple solution I use.

Get some silicone hose, slice it lengthwise and use cable ties to protect vulnerable wiring. Picture. Words. 1,000.

If you’re really obsessive — and let’s face it, you’re reading this, aren’t you? — use colour-coded cable ties, so when you’re working on your ride, you can distinguish different electrical circuits that aren’t as easy to trace out on a muddy trail as they were back in your garage. Make sure you write down your colouring system somewhere.

You’re hot

Your bike might be hot, too. From personal experience, I can tell you Husqvarnas run hot. And, conveniently, their (initially Swedish, then Italian, subsequently German, and now Austrian) engineers situated the coolant hoses right in behind the exhaust headers, where it’s easy to see them when they melt. You could make some popcorn on the exhaust can, sit back and watch the show.

Solution? Yep, we got that. Find the locations where your coolant hoses are at risk of overheating. Then cut a length of spare hose long enough to cover that location; a slightly larger diameter of hose makes this fix easier and more effective. Split the spare hose just as you did the silicone ones described above. Wrap the coolant hose with your spare and then wrap it all in aluminum foil tape. Cool! (hose)

And you never forget our anniversary

While you’re working on your bike, you might have to disassemble some this, remove some that…and you may worry that you’ll forget steps in reassembly. Or forget flowers on your anniversary. But I say, fear not!

I just mark each spot that requires my attention with a bit of coloured tape. Once I tighten the bolt or attach the whatchamalit, I remove the tape. Never forget again.

I’m not gonna forget to bend that little flange that holds the end of the clutch cable in place. Because yellow tape.

2 Replies to “My Husqvarna runs really hot”

  1. Hi Kev,
    Chain looks a little dry for my liking … old school perhaps?
    Also, header tape might do the trick to keep that coolant hose ‘melt free’.

    Great stuff 🏍

    1. Oh, you’re right, it does look a bit dry. I’ll have to get in there and take care of that.

      I’ve tried the header tape, but its rough texture is a magnet for mud, which the exhaust heat then bakes into something like brown porcelain. But I was thinking I could apply the header tape and then cover it with the aluminum tape. Something to try.

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