A riders’ guide to losing your girlfriend

Welcome back, Ride Guide readers.

Gotta let you know about my story this month in Overland Magazine, a large-format adventure motorcycle magazine sold in Europe and in the USA at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

It’s a feature in the “Inspiring Stories” section — a categorization that certainly surprised Yvonne, given that the tale starts with me abandoning her in the Mojave Desert….

No, seriously. Took her motorcycle, and the GPS, and shouted, “Sayonara!” over my shoulder as I rode away.

Read the woeful tale of abandonment and redemption here.

Buy the print version to get some great photos not included online. Pictures of the truck’s front wheel, for example. (Read the story; you’ll see what I mean.)

I also know how to say,”Go pee-pee” in Japanese. Born linguist.


4 Replies to “A riders’ guide to losing your girlfriend”

  1. Kevin – Really enjoyed this post! Although I may have been influenced by being comfortably seated in the cockpit while on a relaxing day passage between Bahamian islands- by the way, with ample food and fresh water and many of the other comforts of home on board – while reading it (ie. a world away from being subjected to relentless rocky trails , hot dry desert conditions, looming thirst…), I think most of the enjoyment in reading it is a result of your fine crafting of a great story. Would really love to see a part 2 from Yvonne’s perspective!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Shirley. I think asking Yvonne to revisit this story might stretch her patience! (Even more, I mean…)

  2. That was gripping, Kevin! I felt like I was sitting between the two of you, bouncing and rattling along, the dust sifting through the cab, and trying not to get caught by the bottles as they tossed out the window! Also, I seem to remember being in a similar situation with you on an island continent many years ago…..was kinda like re-living that experience. Cheers and keep the great stories coming!

    1. The obvious question your response raises is, “Why am I always in these situations?” Hmm…stupidity?

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